January 18th, 2002


Ohhhh Beeeevy...

This is from John Byrne's column at slushfactory.com

"The other day, over lunch, I was flipping through the new, hardcover
collection of DANGER GIRL, and it got me thinking about something Mike Mignola
said, once upon a time, about Art Adams. If, Mike postulated, Art was more
inclined to actually produce work, we would not need so many bad Art Adams
clones to fill the gap."

"Art [Adams] is... a flake."

Dark Angel: The Berrisford Agenda

This season has been weird for me. Rather iffy on the whole, due to a lack of direction, and the introduction of Dogb...Josha.

The last bunch of episodes have gotten back on track, and started the show working back towards a direction, as well as beefing up the characterisation of the new characters.

I can almost stand Joshua now, and White's agenda intrigues me.

Tonight, we get a look at Alec's past, and he gets a bit less two-dimensional, a welcome addition to an already decent character.

And there was a commercial for LotR: Fellowship that had me chuckling. "See the movie that has started a national phenomenon..." Started? What about some books that came out a..few decades ago, hmm? ;)


Outer Limits: Human Trials


Is that it?

Last week, I made comments on how it seemed to have become tradition for OL to have the last episode of a season be a flashback episode, and I found it odd that last week's ep was a flashback.

Well, they held true to their pattern. This week's was a flashback episode as well. And not entirely a bad one, and done in an interesting way, at least.

But two? To (possibly) end the series? Yeesh, did Scifi hack the budget that much?

Ah well.