January 8th, 2002



6:19am, and I have purchased the TiVo =P

The only thing I didn't like? I'm most of the way through the process, and THEN they say, "If you are an existing DirecTV customer, there may be additional purchase charges, and a representative will contact you if that is the case." Better not be, or they're out an order. ;)



See that last post? Completely disregard it. Because I live in Middle O' Nowhere, and have to go through other people to get my DirecTV service, NO ONE online is even lisenced to sell me one.

Not even companies trying to sell 'em on EBay.




Haven't blindly followed the crowd for awhile...

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You are one morose motherfucker. Everytime something goes the way you want it to in life, as soon as it is at its peak, it always comes crashing down to hit you in the face. That factors in with your almost always unreachable goals, and that you always manage to say the wrong things at the wrong time. If you just get a haircut and quit trying to make the impossible happen, you're going to be much better off.
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