January 5th, 2002


I'm Dangerous

Especially when given art supplies for Christmas.

As some know, I've been working here and there on a webcomic, but before Paradigm Shifts was in my head, I bounced around ideas for a one-panel comic making fun of comics in general, and probably X-Men in particular, since that's the majority of my comics and knowledge.

Anyways, I had an idea yesterday that kept eating away in my brain, and I finally decided to draw it. So, here's the debut of my other webcomic (Which isn't an 'official' one, and may never even be returned to by me, hence why it has no name). And I'm surprised how well it turned out. I *do* have some talent. I'm also surprised at how much some of the art looks influenced by anime.

What's in a Name?

This will make NO SENSE whatsoever if you are not caught up on X-Men comics. And even then, it probably won't make any sense.

I would love some feedback on this, even if it's of the nature of "Oh god, you suck! Stop drawing now! Spare us all!" But only say that if serious. ;)


Yes! Fear!

Fear me and my classical English spellings!





I'm going to sleep now.

Bet you wish I was just doing links these days.
IT Ninja

Yeah, Yeah...

I know, my first two posts for today had links, but they were personal links, and not just random shit I found online, so they don't count!

Back! BACK, I say!

Ffft! Hssst!!

And the comic store has only been closed for one week.
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I'm in a good mood.

TV shows are starting back up. This holiday break was driving me buggy. Need 24!!

I'm drawing again, which might be a bad thing to those with sensitive eyes ;) I've actually got some ideas flowing in my head. I'm very tempted by a Philips DirecTivo box. I've got an excellent girlfriend. I like my parents, and the friends I have, on and offline.

Y'know, it's a New Year. And Life Is Good.

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More Goodness

D'you know what else is good about this year? New B5 stuff.

Rangers! YAY! Hopefully goes to series. And the Jeremiah series on Showtime, and Polaris... 2002. The Year of JMS.