Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Call of the Wild

So, we get our fair share of annoying scammy questionable calls that end in hang-ups, or mumbled messages.  I've discussed these before, mostly in the context of my mom answering them and coming way too close to giving them information.

One of the recent culprits, whom I don't wish to name to give them more Google juice (Mmm, google juice...), decided today to royally piss me off.

I can deal with a few pointless calls a day.

I can even deal with a few pointless calls a day from the same person/thing.  It sucks, but two or three once in a great while...SIGH fine.  The cost of doing business, I guess.

Oh, but today...

10 calls.  TEN freaking calls.  All but one or two after noon.  Around call number...eight? I think it was?  I *grab* the phone, since they've called five times in the past 30 minutes or so, and that was my last straw...


In a thick accent, of course, "..............I'mlookingforMom'sNameHere."

"She.  Is not.  Here.  WHAT DO YOU WANT?"

They said they just wanted to speak to her, and hung up.

Wanna guess how long it took them to call back?  Go on, guess.

Three fucking minutes.

I yelled more. =P

Then I tried to sleep, and got woken up after a blessed hour of silence from the phone, and yes, it was them again.  I tried again for sleep, and another 45 minutes later, once more, and you know what?  Ten calls a day?  In that short amount of time?

That is my absolute limit.  That is unconscionable.  Nothing short of the cure for bloody cancel is THAT important to harass someone.

I'd had some time to cool off, aside from not getting any sleep, and was reasonably calm this time around.  I couldn't quite hear the guy so well this time, but he didn't even ask for anyone in particular, and just wanted to know if anyone who lived here had Medicare.

Well, screw you.  I know where that conversation leads.  And after all those phone calls, I told him that after ten phone calls, we were not interested in anything they had, put our number on their do not call list, and if I ever EVER see their name or number on our phone again, I am contacting the FTC.

Now, this number is linked to a known questionable company known for this kind of harassment, and they've had run ins with the FTC before, so while there have been blessedly ZERO more calls since then, I am highly doubtful it will last.  And am ready to carry through on my threat.

But damnit if it didn't feel GOOD to say, no matter how ultimately futile it was.

So yeah, that was MY day.  And holy hells, am I tired. =P


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