September 26th, 2001


Comics This Week

Legion Worlds #6 (Of 6), 3.95
Ministry Of Space #2, 2.95
Avengers #46, 2.25
New X-Men #117, 2.25
Thor Godstorm #1 (Of 3), 3.50
X-Treme X-Men Savage Land #1, 2.99
Wizard The Comics Magazine Spider Man Cvr #122, 4.99


This is the End... only friend, the end. Sorry, Morrison Moment.

Disorganised Chaos (The 'official' name I've given the journal, but just can't change the damned thing) is going quiet.

But just for a week. I'm off to Texas, to meet people!

I remember what people are, I think...


Oh Yes

*looks at the cafe people*

1. Play nice, put the chairs up and turn the lights off when you leave, and for Gods' sake, don't have me come back to more chaos than normal?

2. No stats will be updated this week, since that requires me being on IRC ;)