September 25th, 2001

IT Ninja

New Virus

WTC.EXE. Yes, there are people preying on others with the latest tragedy.

Here's the story in geek.

And here's the slightly less geek version.

This sucker is nasty folks, it will format your hard drive, if you reboot and don't realise you have it. Read the links, follow safety precautions, don't download attachments, keep your software updated.

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Ok, Enough is Enough

I have no large problem with the WTC not showing up in future projects (Since they're not there now...) but things are going to far, and almost seeming like revisionist history, and making me paranoid.

""And the old episode of ''The Simpsons'' in which the family visits New York and the World Trade Center, has been pulled from syndication." The episode in question was from season nine: The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson. Interestingly enough it's an episode that's won an Annie award - the Outstanding Individual Achievement for Music in an Animated Television Production award for the song "You're Checkin' In" (A Musical Tribute To the Betty Ford Center) so it's not an insignificant episode."


A Good Point

Something I just read at the Ask Greg webpage (Greg being Greg Weisman, one of the original exec producers of Gargoyles, and the guy who had this huge story plotted out for it and spinoffs...before Goliath Chronicles butchered everything).

He responding to a question from a Lord Sloth (Dk should find that amusing), and what he asked wasn't important, since it isn't answered, and Greg ends up responding to Sloth's comment on how he knows his spelling is bad, and apologises for it. So, without further ado...

If you know that your spelling sucks then why not do something about it. Get a dictionary and keep it by your computer. Sloth, I don't mean to be mean, but I'm an ex-teacher. And you're never going to improve if you insist on letting it slide. I'm not saying I never have a typo or other errors, but the percentage in your posts is kinda horrifying.

And relying on computerized spell-checks is dangerous. I once assigned an essay to my students asking them "What They Hoped to Get Out of their College Educations?"

I received multiple papers back that went on and on about what they hoped to get out of their COLLAGE educations. Collage being a real word that their spell-checkers recognized they never noticed that they had spelled it wrong.


For starters, when words are spelled correctly, there are fewer distractions and fewer excuses for a guy like me to dodge the actual question you were trying to ask.


Hell froze over.

"In what he described as "In an effort to put out some good news for a change", Joe Quesada has told Newsarama that Marvel's added another creator to its roster of their upcoming 9-11 Relief/Tribute book, Heroes. The creator? Writer Alan Moore."

Click here for the full story.