September 13th, 2001



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Speculation has hit a all-time moral low point, "This guy walks in and goes straight to the new comics rack. He comes back to the cash desk with five copies of Adventures Of Superman #596, which just came out today. It was pretty clear that he was speculating on this issue for some reason, so we asked him why. The reason? In this issue of Superman, the top halves of the Metrolopis version of the World Trade Centre twin towers are destroyed! This guy was banking on these issues of Superman becoming valuable because of their release during the aftermath of the recent terrorist activities."


We will rebuild. If not a physical structure, then in our hearts, and our minds. We will come back from this. We will rise again, like the phoenix of old, and we will not forget.

Art by Alan Davis, from Excalibur #7, photograph swiped off the net, photoshopping by yours truly.

Half expecting to catch some flack for this...
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This is a picture of the World Trade Center taken about an hour before the events. The morning fog makes this almost eerie.