September 10th, 2001



I have way to many jokes to choose from here. A chimp puppet is an associate pastor for a church.

"You'll never make a monkey out of me!"

Comics This Week

Authority #26, 2.50
Establishment #1, 2.50 (Woo! Double dose of cynical Brits!)
Steampunk #9, 2.50 (I forget this book exists half the time.)
Transmetropolitan #49, 2.50
Cyclops #2, 2.50 (I rather wish I could drop this, but oh well.)
Ultimate X-Men #9, 2.25 (Don't have issue 8, thank you Marvel and your no over printing! Depending on this storyline, I may drop the book. *Yawn* And I've missed the second part of every arc. This grows annoying.)
X-Treme X-Men #5, 2.99
Toyfare Celebrity Cvr #51, 4.99