September 5th, 2001


A Simple Survey

What the hey, haven't opened up my brain in awhile.

The Favorite Survey

Favorite color - Red. Big surprise.

Favorite flower - Marigolds, roses.

Favorite animal - I love almost all creatures. I have to, it's in my contract ;)

Favorite song - As usual, this is one of those things that changes, but I always come back to October Project's "One Dream"

Favorite band - October Project =)

Favorite movie - The Crow.

Favorite actor/actress - Actor? Right now, I'm really liking Jason Lee. As for actress, I'd have to say Alyson Hannigan. Even with the silly blonde bits.

Favorite book - Stephen King's The Stand

Favorite author - Myself. What?? An healthy ego is a very good thing.

Favorite food - Lasagna, and meat.

Favorite smell - The smell of the outdoors just before it is going to rain, and hazelnut coffee.

Favorite texture - I love velvet. Fuuuuzzy.

Favorite gemstone - Ruby, garnet, and amethyst.

Favorite televison show - Babylon 5, and Farscape.


My Pagan Name

Seems strange to mention it, considering I *am* pagan, and I find the pagan names people give themselves rather silly, and overly pretentious, but this was amusing.

Especially since it gave me Wolfe Rayne Phoenix. All three work rather well.

See, here's an example of a pagan name that annoys me. "Bilbo Gaia Nightwind" Mainly because of the Bilbo. It just strikes me as very off.

Ah well.

*snerks* This is funny... Ra Willow Amber! I'm a sungod, lesbian redhead witch, and the actress who plays her lover!

Ah well =)