August 23rd, 2001


Um, Woo?

Not sure how to feel. And if you've read my comments on the Witchblade finale, you know why.

TNT has given the go ahead for a second season.

And a DVD of the pilot movie is planned, and I'll probably buy it ;P

(Done because Winger hasn't gotten online yet, and I'm tired =))


I was digging through OLD OLD rac.* posts this morning, reading up on Hitesh, Kuggirl, Clara, assorted others, and I came across this.

: >ellis writes down to his readers. He thinks that they are all retards
: >with low IQ's. When will he get fired already?

I find this...ironic? Silly? Outright WRONG? Whichever =)

Now, to mull over....other things. Heheheheh.