August 14th, 2001


Comics This Week

Deadman Dead Again #3 (Of 5), 2.50 (The pain...)
JISL With Jim Lee Creating Wonder Woman, 5.95 (Mmmm, Lee and Lee.)
Monarchy #6, 2.50 (Continuing it's journey into incomprehensibility)
Rising Stars #16, 2.50 (Wooooo!)
Amazing Spider-Man #34, 2.25 (Double Woooo! Two JMS books)
Captain Marvel #22, 2.50 (And PAD!)
New X-Men 2001 Annual, 3.50 (I'll believe it when it is in my hands.)
Thunderbolts #55, 2.25 (And Fabes!)
Ultimate X-Men #8, 2.25 (Well, it's better than Deadman, at least.)

So, a pretty decent week, with some nice JMS, PAD, and Fabian action, marred only by Deadman, and Ultimate X-Men...