July 29th, 2001


My Editor

She's a hoot. Known her for about four years now, and this summer, as her and her family usually do, they went to the San Diego Comic Convention. Covering it for our online mag. So we say =) I love getting the lowdown, and felt like sharing just a random funny bit. And run from the Californians.

-SherylR- Oh, and one can't take animals to SD unless they are an "assistive device"
-SherylR- Joe suggested that my doctor write 'em a note and say that my parrot helps me to communicate with people...and ya know in California, they'd BUY that, and I could drag him along with me:)


From X-Fan:

Whilst responding to fan questions in his "Cordially Chris" forum on the X-Fan Message Board, X-Treme X-Men writer Chris Claremont has revealed that he will be introducing some new regular cast members some time between issues #10 and #14.

During that period, Claremont said fans can expect to see Moonstar, Forge, a still-depowered Wolfsbane, Shadowcat, possibly Rachel Summers, and a new human character - who will fill a role similar to the one Madelyne Pryor played during Uncanny X-Men's Australian era - joining the cast.

Claremont also hinted at something involving Jean Grey in the pages of X-Treme. "We may have a surprise or two in store in that regard," he posted.

Claremont then addressed a follow-up question regarding the number of members on the team, saying, "There won't be 10 members in this title. The core team will remain at 5 for the foreseeable future, with add-ons depending on the demands of the various stories. At this point, I have no thoughts of culling the team further, but who knows? I may get a better idea. Also, membership depends on reader reaction to some of the new characters we'll be introducing during the 'Oz' arc. If they catch on, again who knows?"

Like I said, Wooooo!! Rachel, Jean, Kitty, others... ;)

IT Ninja

The Links Return!

Again, I'll be a nice guy and do these all in one post. I do like having 'em seperate though ;)

Chimp makes prank calls

Officer Shaq. Ok, if I saw that giant coming at me with a gun, I'd surrender =)

Idiot Files: A new game controller that sends an ELECTRIC SHOCK THROUGH YOU when you're hit in a game. This is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

Catholic Church releases God 2.0! (Yes, this is a joke.)

Christopher Walken bio

Driver gets three tickets in nine hours, and it's not John.

Scientists decide to map banana DNA. Yes, bananas.

Eeeek. Nonononono. Family selling the rights to their new baby's name to the highest bidder. Nooooo.

The International Society to Ban Mind Control

Another theory (One of my favourites) for the Tunguska Fireball, and Tesla.

Those of you who watch TechTV/Screen Savers, will get a kick out of this. They parodied a recent Dell commercial. Classic.

Things I never want to hear from my President: 'Dictatorshipwould be a heck of a lot easier'

Yea, bow down, and receive unto thee the holy teachings of the First Church of Pac-Man

Get any title added on to your name that you want!

Beware New Englanders, super intelligent raccoons roam the streets!

Ok, this is just unacceptable. I like Creative Labs stuff, really, it is some of the best hardware out there for your money, IMO, but they're now forcing spyware on people's systems, and the server it talks back to is/was infected with a virus? Gods...

I was wondering how long this would take. People getting pissed over the South Park "Shit" episode, calling for this as inappropriate behaviour, because there are children watching. Am I the only one who thinks the appropos action that should be taken is by parents not letting their kids watch this, instead of yelling at a tv show?

From the conspiracy room: NASA concealed life on Mars for 25 years?


That's all, folks.

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