July 28th, 2001


Oh Crap

I said to some friends last night that Darien's catch phrase (It's that thing he says. He says it...) suited last night's episodes of I-Man and Farscape very well. what with Arnaud and Chrysalis teaming up, the Scarrens getting wormhole tech, and ScorpyJohn taking control...

Well, it fits tonight's First Wave too. And Eddie has one of the best deliveries of "Oh crap" I've heard outside of I-Man.



Not episode specific, but rather about the credits...

Anyone else notice the biker in the credits? I really hope they don't do a story about the return of the headless horseman, now as a biker with a pumpkin styled helmet. I doubt it'll be better than that episode of Real Ghostbusters.


Chronicle: Baby Got Back

Aaaaiiieee! Al from Home Improvement is on Chronicle, as...well, from Previews, I think he has some connection to Satan.

All those years being mocked by Tim drove him to madness. And a pyramid scheme, it looks like.

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Damned Scifi

Last week, they butchered the ending of Farscape, by starting the "Next on scifi" credit squeeze early, killing a funny scene. They did it right on the midnight airing, fortunately, and I rerecorded it.

Now tonight, they utterly screwed the audio of Outer Limits, in the first segment. I'll try again during the 1am airing.




I love people trying to scam people out of their AOL passwords. This e-mail I just got is classic. Do people actually fall for this shit?
Subj: Billing Error - please correct immediately
Date: 7/28/01 7:37:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: AOLBillingDepartment@aol.com
To: Foenix13@aol.com, FoetyOz@aol.com, Fofaodos@aol.com, Fofinhac@aol.com, Fogelson@aol.com

Questo messaggio ti e' stato inviato da (AOLBillingDepartment@aol.com)

: Dear valued AOL customer,

AOL regrets to inform you that there has been an internal error with your account. Please visit our Secure Website for more information regarding this matter.

Feel free to check out the link to the "AOL Billing" website. It's a hoot. I'll be laughing at these dumbasses for awhile. As I report them to AOL, and their ISP...

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