July 25th, 2001


Iceman LS Solicitation

Can anyone say, "Opal"? =)

ICEMAN #1 <http://www.comicscontinuum.com:81/stories/0107/25/iceman1th.jpg>

Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, art by Karl Kerschl, cover by Steve Uy.

Bobby Drake is the jovial prankster of the X-Men, a young man who always keeps his cool -- except when it comes to ex-girlfriends. Contacted by a long lost love, Iceman travels to the other side of the world to lend a hand -- but will he get burned by his former flame? What insane scheme awaits Bobby in Hong Kong and will the frozen funny man get scorched in the land of the rising sun?


And For the Kosmical One


Written by Fabian Nicieza, art and cover by Patrick Zircher and Al Vey.

Graviton strides triumphant across the world -- and there are none left to oppose him. That is, unless Citizen V can convince the pardoned Thunderbolts to jeopardize everything they worked to achieve, and enter the fray. But if they do, the cost will prove higher than they imagine.

32 pages, 2.25.



Just felt like dropping a few words, feel like posting SOMETHING.

Good comics this week, all around.

Midnight Nation was another excellent issue.

Oh! And anyone who reads Wizard and the Earth/Universe/Paradise X series, avoid as best you can the Paradise X preview in Wizard. It spoils a bit.

I've had an OK day.


Not that that is good. I like things to be happening, I thrive on conflict, so long as my friends aren't getting hurt by it.

I'm rambling.

Akira is on it's way!


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