July 22nd, 2001



I didn't even realise I hadn't posted anything on Saturday. Just been one of those busy days, y'know?

Woke up, did a little netting, hopped off to show my mom the niftyness that is bonus features on DVDs, then headed off for dinner.

We got back just in time for me to start First Wave, followed by Chronicle (The show is nifty...), and Outer Limits *yawn*.

I'll make up for the posting today.




So, what happened with Richard?

Quite the let-down, really.

Turns out he was blaming ANOTHER Jason. And I pretty much believe him, since I know this other person, and know Richard doesn't care for him.

Still, I informed him that if he ever DID use my name in such an instance, he would live to regret it, and he would no fear.

And really, from the look in his eyes that night, he knew fear pretty damn well. =)

Him, John, and I continued to chat with him a bit and he nearly had a nervous breakdown. I'm enjoying watching his descent.

Then I went to John's house for a bit to swear at a WiFi card, an AirPort, and John's DSL, trying to get everything talking to the others.

Then we left and tossed the MG off the road.

So, in review. Met two of my heretofore never seen siblings, met my father, who I found out wasn't really my uncle back in '94, and is dying, threatened a pinhead, swore at technology, and nearly died.

Thursday was fun =)



I hate parents.

Scroll down here, towards the bottom, and read what these parents tried to name their kid.

I'd heard this awhile ago, but this is the first time I've seen a link on the web.


This is a Class??

This is taken from a class listing for the Lake Washington Tech College.

COCU 040 Brood Warz
Learn the basics of the fabulous computer game StarCraft Brood War.Play on a LAN against your classmates and learn how to play on teams! Learn not only how to master the game of Brood War but also learn how the game is played, as well as the story behind the game. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of a PC operating system. Software needed will be described in the first class session.
Item 9871 9/28-11/16 F 6:00pm-8:30pm Loc: EAS E205 GABRIEL J Fee: $99.00