July 10th, 2001


Warm Fuzzies

Well, my day has been made.

"[DkPhoenix] you so rock :-)"

And why was this said? She's making a new Sims skin, and needed references. I found.

I rule =)

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Comics This Week

Let us see what is enticing the wallet this week...

Lucifer #16, 2.50
Transmetropolitan #47, 2.50
Amazing Spider-Man #33, 2.25
Fantastic Four The Fantastic 4Th Voyage Of Sinbad, 5.95 (Actually, I forget if I ordered this or not...)
New X-Men Cvr A #115, 2.25 (Two covers, forget which I grabbed)
Uncanny X-Men #396, 2.25
Universe X Iron Men, 3.99
X-Treme X-Men #3, 2.99

Oh yeah, and Toy Fare

Fun week...

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What the Hey

Another survey...

What is your favorite:

Flower? I'm rather fond of black roses...
Gemstone? Garnets and rubies, emeralds are nice too.
Metal (gold, silver, brass, etc)? Silver, and iron.
Animal? Cats
Fragrance? That smell you get after burning something, and the smell of gasoline. But not on people. That's a turn OFF, right there. =)
Color? Red, dur.
Car? I will always have fond memories of the Bronco.
Language? English, a little Spanish, modem.
Style (classical, elegant, casual, eccentric, etc)? A little bit casual, a little bit eccentric.
Food? Italian, and I spicy foods. But I hate peppers and onions...
Outfit? Jeans and a tshirt, and before it was ruined by father with bleach, my white sweatshirt with black collar, with the black trench.

Do you wear:

T-Shirts? Almost exlusively.
Earrings? Nope
Anklets? No
Bracelets? No...
Tattoos? Never.
Necklaces? Yep. A dragon's claw, and one other...
Rings? My high school class ring.
Birkenstocks? What?
Sandals? Nope
Religious symbols? Yep. My phoenix pendant.
Nail Polish? Nope.
Halloween costumes? Not in ages. I keep threatening to go as Jean Grey one year.

Have you ever:

Bungee jumped?. Nope
Climbed a mountain? No.
Gone swimming in the ocean? Yes.
Gotten a speeding ticket? Don't drive, so no. Watched John get LOTS though.
Won something at a state/local fair? Nope. I think.
Won playing Bingo? Nope. Don't really play.
Been on stage? Lots of times. Drama club, and chorus.

What's the:

First thing you thought when you woke up this morning? "GAH! Sunlight! Hsssst!"
Funniest thing you've heard recently? Erg. I don't remember, but Jeanne Cavelos told some funny things at the Q&A and book signing I went to Saturday.
Last road sign you remember reading? "The Center Does Not Exit", which John misread as "The Center Does Not EXIST". This was in May, '00, when we went to TN. I don't read road signs that often, no.
Oddest thing in your room right now? Well, I'm not in there, so... The sword? Well, in this group that's not that odd. I'd have to say the 12" iron spikes.

And last but not least:

What do you want to be when you grow up? A writer.
IT Ninja

Virus Warning!

(I've checked this one out. Remember, if I come with a warning, it's almost certainly true.)

The pot virus. Yes, pot. I shit you not.

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