July 7th, 2001



Shatner To Voice 'Pimp' Cartoon , "With the popularity of the
potty-mouthed cartoon 'South Park' ever increasing, it's a wonder
Hollywood haven't attempted to cash in. Somebody has decided to put
this right however, with the news that 'Star Trek' veteran William
Shatner will be lending his voice to 'Lil' Pimp'. Due to hit cinemas
next year, 'Pimp' follows the adventures of a nine-year-old kid and
his mates Fruitjuice and Nagchampa and a gerbil called Weathers who
suffers from Tourette's Syndrome. The idea first began as a web-based
series of shorts featuring on mediatrip.com. The project is not only
one of the first internet ideas to be turned into a feature film, but
will also become the very first movie to be created with Macromedia's
Flash animated software, usually used online."


Gotta crash early, I'm driving about two and a half hours tomorrow to meet an author. Nope, I'm not right in the head.