June 29th, 2001



No, I'm not dead.

Just have the Diablo II expansion.

But I live, have comics, and tonight's marathon Scifi session.

There will be posts =)

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I-Man: 6-29

Tearing myself away from Diablo and IRC (I've already defeated Baal, so now it's just the joy of finding new toys, getting through Nightmare and Hell, and playing with the Assassin) to watch my FriNiSciFi Marathon.

This show is really doing some cool stuff this year, and this episode looks like another, showing Vincent Ventresca's acting ability, when he has to play his brother. Also, some very good science stuff, well within the bounds of what the series has laid down.

Plus, the usual wackiness.

And last week, Eberts did indeed saying "frelling", it was a deliberate nod.


I-Man continues

HAHA! He called Arnaut "Doogie"! Beth and I have been making "Evil Doogie Howser" jokes since the pilot.

Now I find out he called him that in the pilot, and that's why we make the jokes, and it slipped my brain, right?