June 25th, 2001On this day in different years



Not mine, but Robert Weinberg's farewell and reflections on Cable, and what he had planned for the book.


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An update on my country.

It's called Phoenicia. I have put Rachel up as my puppet president, tried uploaded something for the anthem, but it changes mp3s to wavs, and thus making it an invalid file, causing much trouble. To get any wav that isn't huge, you have to crush it down so much, it sounds like crap...

The capital city is Summerset, and several locales have been changed. Sabatia has become Sebacia, Victor has become Ben-Victor (Reference to the actor who plays Hobbes on I-Man), and Maloya Potassium Factory is now Moya Potassium. I'm sure some others will get changed to things I like rather than jokes at some point...


Brief Addendum
Because I don't want to make another post.

The world of Kebir Blue has a shortage of coffee!! NOOOOOO!!
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Falling Into Place

It's weird how a sequence of events can work so well towards my plans.

As I said earlier, missed de cricket.

So, I get IMed by this strange AIM name. I normally don't respond unless I know the person, but this didn't seem porn-related, so just thought maybe Crantz had a strange name on AIM, or someone else.

Starts going on about "Have you always been such a cross-eyed dumpster-diddling pipe-muncher?", and then I get informed by Frito that it's a bot, and she just got hit by the same, and directs me to its website. Then, Kossie tells me that Crantz was just IMed with an insulting IM from the same person, I directed her to the link, and thus Crantz learned I'm on AOL, and those IMable.

Faith manages =)

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Funny from the Cafe

TapWriting> Kitty Twister sounds like a Luba fic...
Jim_Smith> Nah, it sounds like a chapter title in a Luba fic. Like "You got your Peter in my Kitty!"
Mike_Smith> Jim: AAuugh! I just now figured out why Ellis named him that!
* Foenix snickers.
Jim_Smith> Mike: So did I, my friend...so did I.
Mike_Smith> "Oy'll call 'im Peter, ooy will! Much less obvious than Willie, and nobody'll get it until it's much too late! Ug ug ug!"
* TapWriting groans. Ellis wouldn't...I hope...
Mike_Smith> Yes, Ellis laughs like Popeye. Deal with it.
Jim_Smith> Mike: That started as Cockney and ended as Australopithicus africanus...
Foenix> Tap: Yes, yes he would.

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