June 13th, 2001

IT Ninja


I purchased Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon this evening, and watched with my parents. We all liked it (I did not quite see the big deal, but I was kind of out of it, and upon reflection am getting more into it after the fact. Figure that one out.)

Anyways, my dad, he who liked Time Chasers un-MST3Ked, and movies wih big explosions (The bigger the better, plot be damned!), said this about CT,HD:

"They went a bit overboard with the effects."

Hence, I see irony.

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B5 Fans

I know there are some of you watching...

Last night during Dune, Scifi flashed an URL to some preview footage for Legend of the Rangers. The site is toasted, or something. Technical issues.

So, here's some outside links.

The totally cool, large broadband version, and the somewhat smaller, yet still as cool normal version. Must have Real Player to see them!

IT Ninja


From Fark, since I haven't linked directly to them in ages.

A new study shows that computer use may not increase the chance of getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

Oh no! Godzilla meat!! Hurry! We must flee!

Eat like a caveman, for better health?

To quote Dante from Angst Tech, "I feel funny in my pants." A new 61" monitor. I want.

Gag. Teen pop music hits a new low.

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