June 11th, 2001


Back With Links

The complete and unedited MP and the Holy Grail screenplay.

Scary supposition about the Post Office spying on you.

Wal-Mart employees suing because they were brainwashed to work mindlessly? I'll ask John. Wait, I've actually read some now. "Brainwashes them to work overtime without pay"? John does anything he can to GET overtime, becuase he gets 15 bucks an hour.

A fun (Ok, kinda sad, but I have a sick sense of humour) image

Way to much free time.

The Top 11 Failed Ad Campaigns.

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I am Jack's Weekend Report

Part One


The original plan was as follows: Go to Manchester, NH, wander through a Barnes & Noble, and meet an author, who may be able to assist me in getting a foot in the door for publishing.

Unfortunately, the B&N is in the process of moving, and the book singing/Q&A was moved back a month. Me, John, Pete, and Linda still decided to get together and do stuff. What was up for grabs.

Pete also wanted my old computer. So, money is good.

We met at Pete's place a little later than usual, since I was woken up late by about forty minutes, still had computer stuff to do on the old machine, and had to forgo breakfast for this stuff, and trying to get John going. Whom had not slept since Friday afternoon.

Got to Pete's, and chatted for a bit, then we drove off to Portsmouth, NH, where Linda had to take care of something, and we had lunch. I had this most excellent BBQ chicken sandwich. And they had crunchy fries. I love crunchy fries.

So, we discussed our next move, and decided that Stonehenge was right out, since it was 3pm, and the place closed at 5. We decided instead to hit Hampton Beach, and wander around the ocean. We played on the rocks for a bit, at the northern portion of the beach, which was quite fun, and got me back in touch with a part of nature I had not been linked to in years. There is a greater sense of completion for the moment.

Drove down a bit further, and hit the beach, walking along the shore for a good while, and just letting the waves crash around our legs. John chose to stay in the car at this point. Sleep, you see.

Pete and I had fun drawing arcane symbols in the sand. I know what mine where for, and what his could do. The question is, does he know? Probably, we've studied much the same mystical stuff. The results shall be interesting.

So, we proceeded to drive back, and stopped at a Border's bookstore (Some irony, considering the original plan...).

Now, Pete, Linda, and I are bad people to let loose in a bookstore. Especially a big bookstore. Especially me in a big bookstore, because Vermont has shit for bookstores. The three of us escaped unscathed, but John bought three DVDs. I almost picked up The Life of Brian Criterion Collection DVD, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the B5 Psicorps trilogy of novels. Luckilly, I have reason to stash money. I will get to Texas. That, and I have some DVD purchases planned for later in the month.

Got back to Pete's chatted for a bit more, then John and I came home, after stopped at BK because, frankly, we were hungry.

That was Saturday.

Coming soon, Sunday, and comic reviews.

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