June 3rd, 2001



Unfortunately, it looks like tomorrow/later today, I *am* leaving. Going to be in MA most of the day.



Boredom Strikes

Let us try an experiment.

Most of the folks reading this frequent the #SubCafe channel. Something happened earlier this evening which I'm not totally sure on (Someone will catch me up there later), and it got me thinking.

Me and thinking, this is bad.

First off, yes, there are some rules decided upon mostly, I'm just scatterbrained and have yet to post them. But now, this gives me a chance to drop a query here, and this is open to ANY regular of the channel. Or irregular.

So, I ask: What would YOU do/change/whatever to make the Cafe better? Comment now.

Note: This is not a discussion in my comments section amongst you folks. I just want stuff from YOU to ME, and we'll see what we can do. I'm serious. I want feedback from as many folks that come around the channel as possible, but I don't want a flame war in my comments.

Say whatever you want, even if that's to tell me to fuck off.

I'm interested.

This will end in fire...
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Oh My...

As I mull over the previous post, I share this.

The Temple of Black Jesus.

The Church of Reality.

The 'truth' of Christmas.

Y'know, I should point out at this point I have nothing against religion. I'm part of one. I just have a sense of humour, and like to post informative stuff.

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