June 1st, 2001


From the Ashes Reviews: The Brotherhood #1


A very interesting concept, and one that, IMO, needed exploring in the Marvel Universe. The mutant underground, and their fight against humans. Their way is not Xavier's, and it isn't Magneto's. Their way is their own, and damn anyone who gets in their way. There are no superheroics in this, and like X-Force, I commend Marvel for trying something different.

The writing and art: I'll say I have NO clue who X is. I have a few guesses, but this issue doesn't lead me towards any of them. If it's Mackie, this is some of the best work. I'm looking forward to more, in all honesty. The art is also great. Conveys a dark underground feel to it, while still bearing a sense of reality to it. Like Seinkiewicz, but less abstract as that boy tends to get.

More to come.
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From the Ashes Reviews: Universe X #10

Oh, I suppose I should give spoiler warnings. Warning: Spoilers ahead. And upcoming. If it's a review, shouldn't you be expecing spoilers? I tend to not get into the big stuff.

After a few issues, reviews of this comic become redundant, I've noticed. More nifty art and colouring, some rather big ideas that tend to be scattered about and don't really come together until the end draws near. Which it is.

Much like Earth X before it, this has been a slow series, with a lot of disparate, disconnected ideas. Now that we have reached this point though, you can see all those threads coming together, and rather well. I've been rereading the previous issues, and it reads a lot better in a smaller time-frame, and it's easier to notice all the foreshadowing on a second viewing. Kinda like some movies and tv shows that are better the second time through, once you know how it all ties together.

My big complaint is that a lot of these big ideas read like something you would find in bad fanfic. It's all in the execution.

Some of the good bits from this issue are the revelation of Belasco's identity, Immortus becoming Kang, and the Daredevils.
"Tis as hot in here as Hela's own bosom!" "Uh... You're a girl now, Thor. We don't say things like that." Thor and Venom.
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From the Ashes Reviews: Avengers #42

First off, I'm going to get this right out of the way. I like Alan Davis. A lot. I will not be commenting on the art beyond that, unless I find fault with it. Otherwise, accept my bias as stated, and that the book looks beautiful. =)

Geeze, Russia's Winter Guard. When was the last time we saw these guys in a comic?

Something I like about Busiek is his characterisation. He can take numerous different takes on a character, bring them all together, and make it work, not contradicting anything. He does some fine work with Quicksilver here.

Another cute bit is everyone in some form of protective radiation gear...except Thor. =)

This comic uses one of my favourite conceits, and with Busiek at the helm, it should actually go somewhere. That is the use of flashing glimpses of future histories at us, teasing us in some ways. Most writers do this these days, and never get around to doing anything with it, but I carry faith in Kurt.

And the futures we see are rather dark and dire, even for the usual fare we get in these stories. A communal humanity that is nothing more than radioactive bits is particularly spooky.

And a nice little cameo/prelude of Alan Davis' Killraven...

Ok, I know I said I wasn't going to, but Davis did some beyond-his-norm greatness with some shots of emaciated and dying people in this issue. And his depiction of the attack on the Damocles Base had me reminiscing about his gorgeous Phoenix Force, from Excalibur of the past. I love his work. Have I mentioned that?

And I *really* love Kurt's Kang. He seems like a credible threat. You have to love a time traveling villain who comes back, declares war, and then proceeds to tell you exactly how it's going to play out.

This story arc has the potential to be even better than the Ultron Unlimited story.

Here's hoping!

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A Brief Break

I'm having brekkers, but while I take a pause in the reviewing, here's today's links from Fark.

Test your spelling ability. I missed 19 out of fifty. Worse than usual for me, but I blame it on four hours of sleep.

Media warned to think twice before persuing stories about the Bush kids.

From the stupidity files: A stalker of Nicole Kidman is suing her because of distress due to a restraining order. And no, it wasn't me!!

Geek horroscopes.

And they say we take video games to seriously.

More on getting Jedi declared as an official religion.

This just looks cool. Plane misses the runway, floats in lake.

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Fear Not

I'll do the review of the last comic here before to long, I'm just scooting to watch soem TV, maybe nap.

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From the Ashes Reviews: Thunderbolts: Life Sentences

Hey! A TBolts comic actually starring the Thunderbolts! That's something that has amused me the last few months. "Thunderbolts, featuring the Thunderbolts!" Um, Fabian? Where? =)

I like what Fabes has been doing, but I've yet to see the point of it all. It seems like filler for a Captain America annual he didn't get published, or something.

I've been a fan of Charlie Adlard's art since the X-Files comic book, and it works just as well in a superhero comic, even though those elements rarely pop up during Life Setnences. Rather, we're treated to the 'Bolts in plainclothes, and daily lives, and how they're dealing with the repurcussions of events in issue 50.

A fun, introspective issue that advances each of the Thunderbolts' respective plotline, esepcially Abe's and Melissa's relationship. Now, yo just get these guys back into the monthly comic.

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Freakylinks is back!

If only for four episodes.

Ah well, at least we get all of the first season.
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Men are using derivatives of breast implant technology to give themselves fake muscles. Ah, the vanity of the human race as a whole never ceases to amaze me.

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