May 29th, 2001



Oh, I am now in quite the good mood.

One of my other nicks on IRC is Shadowcat. Someone else has been using it. I've had tons of fun ghosting this other person. One of his friends DCC chatted me tonight, to discuss this.

Well, I discussed, he had trouble formulating a sentence. Here I share a private conversation, because it amuses me, and I don't give two shits about this other person =)

Session Start: Tue May 29 00:17:26 2001
[00:17] DCC Chat session
[00:17] Client: Itunes (
[00:17] Acknowledging chat request...
[00:17] DCC Chat connection established
[00:17] Itunes> Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:17] Shadowcat> yes?
[00:17] Itunes> Who is this
[00:18] Foenix> I am me.
[00:18] Itunes> is this the guy who always uses the name ShadowCat
[00:18] Foenix> Yes.
[00:18] Itunes> listen my mate always uses this name and you arnt my mate!!!
[00:19] Foenix> Yeah, well, I've used the name for quite some time, and have it regged with nickserv.
[00:20] Itunes> why dont you change your name to somthing else
[00:20] Foenix> Because I had it first?
[00:20] Itunes> bullshit
[00:20] Itunes> Come on!!
[00:21] Itunes> my mate has been using this for atleast 2 years
[00:23] Itunes> So Change your name!!!
[00:23] Foenix> Why? I got it registered, he didn't.
[00:27] Itunes> bullshit he did too
[00:30] Itunes> just change your name
[00:31] Shadowcat> Except for that minor problem with me having it registered, and him not.
[00:31] Shadowcat> Let me just put this in terms you might get. No.
[00:31] Itunes> See the thing is he uses it alot more than you do!!!!!!!!
[00:31] Itunes> See the thing is he uses it alot more than you do!!!!!!!!
[00:32] Itunes> how old are you
[00:32] Itunes> 12
[00:32] Shadowcat> Nope, 24.
[00:33] Itunes> were ya live
[00:33] Shadowcat> Riiight. I'm not telling that.
[00:34] Itunes> then FUCK OFF
[00:34] Itunes> I dont want to speak to you!!!!
[00:34] Itunes> Change ya name!!!!
[00:34] Shadowcat> You're the one who started it =)
[00:34] Itunes> FUCK OFF
[00:35] Shadowcat> Ok, I see "No" was a bit beyond your vocabulary.
[00:35] Itunes> yeah fuck off I am older than you!!!!
[00:35] Itunes> good one
[00:36] DCC session closed
Session Close: Tue May 29 00:36:45 2001

They closed the session, mind you, not me.
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Potential Comics This Week

Maybe I'll get back into doing reviews, if folks want... But here's the list of books I'll get, Friday, when I have money, and if they're the ones that are sent properly.

Brotherhood #1
Avengers #42
Thunderbolts: Life Sentences
Universe X #10

Vootie ;)
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