May 16th, 2001


Comics This Week

AKA, What I Would Be Buying, if the Comic Store Owner Wasn't On Vacation this Week.

Legion Worlds 2
Lucifer 14
Steampunk 8
Transmetropolitan: Filth of the City
Midnight Nation 7
Cable 93
Captain Marvel 19
Defenders 5, maybe
Generation X 75
New X-Men 114
Thunderbolts 52
Ultimate X-Men 6


Attitude Test

This is mostly female-oriented, but easily enough taken in a maleish mindset. I'd include a link, but it doesn't seem to function outside AOL. Bugger. Here are my results.

Half-Full Glass
You try to look on the bright side, and optimism is a skill you've cultivated to help you weather life's rough spots. All the same, you know it's okay to admit when you're angry or hurt. You're neither blindly positive, nor prone to dwell on slights and injuries, and your generally positive outlook helps prepare you to take risks without being held back by bitterness or a fear of failure. Believe it or not, some scientists have theorized that there is an evolutionary advantage to optimism: Human beings may be programmed to view the world as just slightly better than it actually is, in order to recognize clearly any real threats to our well-being and handle them appropriately. Your ability to rise above negative thinking while remaining realistic about temporary setbacks is a great strength.
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