May 1st, 2001


More Fun Webpicks

Yep, from Fark...

Need an express elevator?

Oh! Everyone wants a Russel Crowe on their lawn! Scare away those nasty Roman Emperors trying to dig up the lawn!

This is for my friends on @Home or Roadrunner DSL services, about the rate hike coming.

Planning a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine? Here's why you might want to reconsider.

I'm a bad person. I snicker at things like this because they're silly, and make me go "Duh." I feel for the parents loss, mind you. I'm just a sick person.

An interesting theory on rock 'n' roll music.

Have fun!
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Comics this Week

Yep, the NCRL's advance look was accurate, all those books are coming in, and that's what I'm getting. For sake of those not wanting to scroll back, here's what I'm getting.

Aria: Soul Market #2
Ministry of Space #1
Citizen V #2
Excalibur #4
Uncanny X-Men #394
And X-Men Forever #6


Wow. I just found the website for the comicstore I used to go to when I was going to WPI. I miss this comicstore something fierce. The place was HUGE. Coming from Vermont, with piddly little comic stores, when I first entered this place, a tear actually welled up in my eyes. It''s so beautiful...

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