April 28th, 2001


Profound Quote 4-28

It doesn't matter where you come fromm, or what you think about yourself, or where you lived, or where you went to school, or how you grew up. In the end, it's what you can do that counts.
Why don't I talk much about myself? Because I'm a walking mass of flaws, imprefections and contradictions. But 20 years from now, no one's going to care whether I had a chipped tooth or grey hair or a crummy childhood.
Because I didn't listen to the voices, and because I learned to fight. And because of all that, I did 'Babylon 5'

Dreams endure.
Your serve.

J. Michael Straczynski
Still Fighting
5 February, 1999
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Comics Next Week

The rough guess, from the yet to be updated NCRL Upcoming Comics list.

Aria: Soul Market #2
Ministry of Space #1
Citizen V #2
Excalibur #4
Uncanny X-Men #394
And X-Men Forever #6

Looks to be a good week. A fair chunk of those books I know are coming out, from other sources.

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RPG Update

The RPG that Dk and I have been working on is quite near completion. We got a name (Creatures of the Night), a message board, and most of the background and rules worked up, as well as a few potential players.


Should write something up about elves.
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Fark.com reminded me of something stupid I saw in the paper the other day, and I was surprised to see it on such a big site, because it is a local story. Anyways, check it out...
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First Wave Comments 4-28


Was that shot focusing on the wineglass, or Traci Lords chest? You be the judge!

While I'm at it, I must say, I'm highly amused by her going by "Traci Elizabeth Lords" in the credits. What was that we've been saying about names lately? Is someone trying to forget their sordid past? =)

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