April 27th, 2001


Have *I* Been Abducted?

Took their test. My results?

11-15 "Yes" answers: Your score indicates a suspicious number of events in your background commonly experienced by other abductees. You may want to explore the abduction possibility further.

I would, if I hadn't already investigated the phenomenae in my life that points towards alien abduction, and discovered their other sources.

Still not normal sources... ;P

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They asked, "Where were you yesterday?"

Well, LJ was having it's ups and downs yesterday, so I didn't really bother to much with the site, or updating the journal.

That, and I am a boring person, remember? =)



Look! Bandwagon jumping! From dictionary.com


1. 1. A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis; a diary.
2. An official record of daily proceedings, as of a legislative body.
3. Nautical. A ship's log.
2. Accounting.

1. A daybook.
2. A book of original entry in a double-entry system, listing all transactions and indicating the accounts to which they belong.
3. A newspaper.
4. A periodical presenting articles on a particular subject: a medical journal.
5. The part of a machine shaft or axle supported by a bearing.

So now we know what my journal is. A part of a machine shaft or axle supported by a bearing.

Seriously though, I've always seen mine more as the second definition, an official record of daily proceedings. And since it's official, I leave it open and public for all to see, comment on, and smack me around over. Private is optional for any journal, here at LJ and reality.

That aside, I do tend to use LJ for what it's for. A record of my assorted thoughts, be they for myself, for others, or for a few. Sometimes it's handy to post something here to reach as many of my compatriots. It sticks around longer than a topic in the 'Cafe. My assorted thoughts for myself do tend to be a bit more confusing to anyone else reading, and I like that.

I haven't done much of that lately, should confuse people.