April 24th, 2001



Technosphere is STILL down.

Um, I really don't have much to update on...

OH! A title! I have a title for my book! Finally! Maybe. I'm not 100% sure of this, but it's got the feel I want, and has that good ol' multiple meaning to it that I love so much.


Overused, that's debatable, but damn if it doesn't just FIT.



I'm digging through the web, trying to find a music group's website, and I get several of my friend's journal friend pages, where the group was mentioned when I mentioned them in the "Current music"

Highly annoying =)
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Who Am I?

Names have been a popular subject lately, so here we go.

Names are things other people give you. Your parents, your friends, your co-workers, almost everyone you meet. The trick is to take those, and make them your own, be your own person. I've never been hung up on what people call me, so long as it's not insulting.

Jason. Given to me by my parents. I'm not sure which set actually gave the name to me, but there it is. I used to hate it, everyone was named Jason, it seemed. Six alone in my class, out of a school with a total of 250 people. After many years, I looked deeper into the meaning, and realised how well it does suit me. It became me.

Bouge. One that not many online folks are aware of. A shortened form of my last name. It was given to me by a friend, due to all the damned Jasons in my class, and it stuck. Other students picked it up. Parents. TEACHERS. I was Bouge for ten years. I signed school papers with it. I had a period where it slipped from me what my given name was. Once I realised how well Jason suited me, I left Bouge behind in high school

Phoenix/Foenix. I've been this for almost as long as I had been called Bouge. I really don't know how this started cropping up, since folks with no knowledge of comics started calling me by it. I've always had a thing for nature and birds (Jason, the sprightly wood nymph is a name only ONE person is allowed to call me, and I'll be damned if I don't miss her terribly), plus the pyromania thing somehow mixed together. Somehow this name became defining for me in more ways than I care to get into here. The Foenix variation came about when I finally got online, but fifty billion other Phoenixes beat me to the punch. So I grabbed the name of a character I was writing in a novel at the time. I'll admit, I rather like being "Foe" to everyone. *snicker*

J. My parents call me this. The logic is there is no y in my name, so it's not Jay, it's J. Odd folks, the people I live with. I've never liked being called this, but I signed almost all my mail and posts here with it.

So in the end, it doesn't matter to me what I'm called, so long as I'm happy with it. A name is just what you call me. I'm so much more than a simple word can lock me into.



Redhead stalker.

Old soul.



I am me. Anything else is just decoration.

I've probably got more to say on this subject, but I have to run and do some stuff.

Blessed be.

What Do I Want?

After the last post, I couldn't resist the blatant B5 referencing.

A redhead would be good. Sure, I kind of got one, but she's many states away, and we've never met. With me would be preferred.

But what I *really* want right now is a shower. More semi-deep thoughts later.