April 11th, 2001



Jason has been having troubles with his sound card. Jason has reinstalled the new drivers several times. The first time is when the problem occured.

Using logical thinking, finally, Jason solved the problem.

When we installed the drivers, we yanked the speaker cable, since we knew the sound would be loud, and it was kind of like, 3am.

Apparently, the cable wasn't plugged back in all the way. Whoops.

IIiiiiii am Moooo-roooon!


Find the nearest comic shop, bookstore, or wherever comics are sold nearest you, and buy Amazing Spider-Man #30. It is the best damned Spider-Man book I've read in a LONG time. I'm not even a big Spider-Fan, but this was just some incredible writing. With the fact that I am NOT a big John Romita Jr. fan - I would almost prefer Liefed - this is saying a lot.

Do as I command thee, faithful readers!!

Now, to find my filthy assistants...