March 30th, 2001



I'm a strange person. I love snow =)

It's so deep out there, you can't see the cars anymore.

And I'll be damned if I'm not enjoying this immensly.

School has been called off so much, they're not getting out until June 21st, at the least.

Only thing is, my mom jumps and screams every time snow slips off the roof. It grows annoying after awhile...

Renewing My Lack of Faith

For those of my fellows following Invisible Man on Scifi Channel, you know that last week's episode ended with a go online and vote for how the ending would be resolved.

And what did the majority of folks vote for? "Betray everything, take the money, and run." I love America =)

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I have but one thing to say about the aliens on tonight's Farscape.


That's all, just...ew.

I do not think I will ever watch this episode again, they disgusted me that much.

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