March 14th, 2001



And now for one of the two posts I make every day.

Time for sleep!

See you in a few hours ;)

My Diablo II Collector's Edition better be here, dangit!
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No word from Joe yet, but I expected that.

No sign of Diablo II either. The hell? =P
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Hmm. Interesting

From an e-mail from a friend...

Amber Benson, the brilliant actress who plays "Tara" on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", is producing and directing "Chance", her first feature. To help defray costs, Amber is offering a chance to see your name in the credits. For a contribution of fifty dollars or more, you can get not only a signed photo from the set of her film, but also your name in a special thanks section of the credits. (Or, for fifteen dollars, you can get a photo from the set). Amber is a star on the rise, with upcoming motion picture roles with Leonardo DiCaprio, Vince Vaughn, Ed Harris, and "Spider-Man's" Tobey Maguire!

For more details, go to

Be a pal and pass it on!
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