March 13th, 2001


Oh Yes

Since I have the brain of a seive, Dk, check the AX board at WizardWorld.

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And so it goes

And so it goes, and soon shall I, I suppose...

It's a rare occasion when I will butcher Billy Joel (Outside of the filk of "The Entertainer" I have in my head), but I'm off to sleep.

Get to have fun trying to put money in my account before something bounces!

The things I does for friends.

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Let's see.

I did a friend a favour by using my atm/debit card so she could get a treadmill. Now, I don't HAVE that money, and was assured it would be gotten to me, and myself transported to the bank.

John is still sleeping.

We have to be at the bank, oh, yesterday...

So, it looks like I'll just be owed 20 bucks.

Now, to shower and hope John wakes up.

Double cheer!

We got to the bank with ten minutes to spare! (Which should not have been possible. Don't ask)

So, there's money in my account, I e-mailed the auction place to try again, so now we see what happens.
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I've been meaning to comment on this for a few days.

"Boot Camp: FOX Style"

The latest 'reality' show on tv.

This one looks damned amusing to me.

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I've just emailed Joe Straczynski a request to interview him.


Interviewing JMS.

Now, just picture me if he says "Yes"
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