March 8th, 2001



The botmaster has regained his voice! My range still sucks, and I can't hit the high notes like I could (Which I probably shouldn't, but there we are...), but I can TALK and not sound like Zathras.
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Paranoia Alert

So, I go to get comics today, and first stop to get some coffee in my mug. Mmm, coffee.

My dad makes another stop, and I stay in the car.

I hear this odd...buzzing sound. I stop, listen, and realise it's coming from my coffee travel thermos mug thing.

Specifically the handle.

I am at a total loss to explain this.

Except for one thing.

The transmitter in the handle started malfunctioning.

Yeah, that's right you bastards! I'm onto you!!

It stopped after I left the car for a few minutes. I think they had a chance to fix it.
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Dear Gods.

I just discovered why Stryfe is sometimes sorta popular.

First, let's look at the SubCafe crew.

Now, let's look at Stryfe's armour.

"Ooooooh!! Shiny!!"
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Just took the SelectSmart Excalibur test, and here are the results, showing which characters I'm like, from most to least.

# 1 Rachael Summers (Phoenix)
# 2 Allistare Stuart
# 3 Brian Braddock (Captain Britain)
# 4 Pete Wisdom
# 5 Piotr Rasputin (Colossus)
# 6 Kylun
# 7 Amanda Sefton (Daytripper)
# 8 Feron
# 9 Cerise
# 10 Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)
# 11 Meggan
# 12 Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)


And again in the "Well, it figures" department, the results of the X-Men selector.

# 1 Jean-Grey
# 2 Professer X
# 3 Beast
# 4 Sabretooth
# 5 Psylocke
# 6 Apocalypse
# 7 Cyclops
# 8 Storm
# 9 Mystique
# 10 Wolverine
# 11 Magneto
# 12 Rogue

Sleeping in Light

Ah, the final episode of Bab5.

Some thoughts, since I've watched this one a lot.

These characters weren't just that. These actors, and JMS made them into real people. Real people I had spent five years getting to know. They were friends, and companions on the road of life.

As I write that out, I realise how sad it sounds =)

And so, it ends.

Signs and Portents

How do you know you've seen something to many times?

When you can sit there and recite EVERY. SINGLE. LINE.

Even amidst tears.

Quite sad, really.
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This is a poem on the side of the mug I am currently sipping tea out of. My best friend, and brother in spirit, if not in blood, Frank gave it to me a few years ago.

Meaning: Healer

You're always concerned
About how people feel.
When they're unwell,
You're there to help them heal.
Your positive attitude
Is sure to trigger
Others weakened spirits
And renew their vigor.
Your presence gives people
The strength to endure,
And your kind assistance
Offers them a cure.

I used to think that was the biggest load of horseshit in the world. I've rather grown into my name though...