February 20th, 2001


Dear GOD.

I just got back from seeing "Hannibal".

And I must say, that's two and a half hours of my life I shall never see again.

This movie was slow.

No, slower than that.

It was padded with tons of establishing shots, some funky editing to make things seem dislocated, and we didn't even get really moving for about an hour and 20 minutes in.

If you took out even half of the establishing shots, and drawn-out building of atmosphere, the movie would've been at LEAST 45 minutes shorter, and a tighter, better paced movie.

Ok, ok, I'm not a movie maker. This is, as always, my opinion. But for a change, I'm right! =)

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Oh yes

And I missed Beth.

Ah well. At least I was in OK company, and participated in the wrongness of eating pizzas in a movie theater.

Upside, there was Julianne Moore in a nice, low cut black dress =9

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7am, time for sleep. I can feel the jealousy oozing off of Indigo right now

*hugs* Hope your day is good.
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Why? Why are some people compelled to push buttons on EVERYone? Why are they compelled to find those one or two things that drive someone absolutely nucking futs and push them? Repeatedly.

I especially hate when they push buttons I don't KNOW are buttons so can't really lay down a timely thumping. Bah.

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There are some truly weird icons in this set. Lazy, curious...
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*whistles the X-Files theme*

Threnody> !seen Nique
NudgeNudge> Threnody, Nique is right here!
Foenix> O.o
*** Indigo_ (ident@AC84750B.ipt.aol.com) has joined #subcafe
Foenix> Oh great.
*** Nique (~asmieja@ has joined #subcafe
Threnody> *blink*
Foenix> Nudge finally drank so much he's seeing things.
* Indigo_ pokes the Bot.
Indigo_> where's my farking infoline?
Threnody> Or he's just a precog.
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