February 10th, 2001


Incoming Rant!!

Why? Why is it so bloody hard for people to spell simple words correctly? Though, cool, was, scissors (I just saw it as sizzors, for Goddess' sake!) and on and on.

These are not hard words to spell! You've been to school, you should at LEAST know some of them! Gah!

Blessed be. Except for you h4xx0rs
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Beth just went to bed..

*snicker* Not like I don't still have a roomful of psychotics to continue talking with, but I'm sure you understand =)

I won't bore y'all with me being mushy though, just thought I would share, this one time.

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The Pic

The one who's URL is below.

I just keep staring at the damned thing. It's not a guy/horny thing, I just feel like I've walked in on my parents snogging. It's too...intimate. So, I stare. Like you stare while watching a train wreck.

You know it's horrible and wrong, but you can't turn away.


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At last!

After about a week of bouncing ideas around - from "Pentiums and Pentacles" to "Technical Difficulties" and "Abort, Retry, Fail" and many more - I've got a title for my new novel!

I think.

"Games of Chance, Paths of Redemption"

I'm still not 100% decided, but this is the closest I've come so far. It's got the right feel, but still isn't quite right. Magic and technology do not lend themselves well to yeilding a decent title.

Blessed be, merry met, time to sleep, and dream, I bet.
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Brain no quite function. Just wake up. Please leave a message after the tone and I will get back to you once caffeine has kicked in.
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A Kind of Magic

Ahhh, just finished watching the Highlander Director's Cut DVD. That is such a beautiful movie. The images, choreography, music... It all comes together so well.

And then came the sequels. Ew.

Almost gets me in the mood for my book, since both stories deal with melding of the past and present. I might actually start writing tonight, now that I have a title. Never could write without a title.

There should have been only one!
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Sweet Caffeine, Giver of Life

Oh, how I adore thee...

I was just wondering... Would it be wrong to brew up a pot of coffee, take the pot, pour in sugar and cream, and drink out of that?


I thought so.

Is it wrong to still consider doing it?
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Ah, another quick note.

Some folks have asked me what G'Kar's opening to the Declaration of Principles is, so I figured I'd swipe it, and place it here, so y'all know what the heck I'm talking about. The following block of text belongs to J. Michael Straczynki.

" The Universe speaks in many languages, but only one voice.
The language is not Narn or Human or Centauri or Gaim or Minbari.

It speaks in the language of hope. It speaks in the language of trust.
It speaks in the language of strength, and the language of compassion.
It is the language of the heart and the language of the soul.
But always it is the same voice.

It is the voice of our ancestors speaking through us.
And the voice of our inheritors waiting to be born.
It is the small, still voice that says we are One.

No matter the blood, no matter the skin,
No matter the world, no matter the star,
We are One.
No matter the pain, no matter the darkness,
No matter the loss, no matter the fear.
We are One.

Here, gathered together in common cause
We agree to recognize this singular truth and this singular rule:
That we must be kind to one another.

Because each voice enriches us and ennobles us,
And each voice lost diminishes us.
We are the voice of the universe, the soul of creation,
The fire that will light the way to a better future.

We are One."
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More psuedo poetry

I just saw this on the B5 newsgroup, and found it interesting, as would Beth, so I put it here, easier to share


Lo there do I see my father,
Lo there do I see my mother,
and my sisters and my brothers.

Lo there do I see the line of
my people back to the beginning.

Lo they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them.

In the halls of Valhalla,

Where the brave may live ....... Forever
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