Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 29 - Hobgoblins

The movie with such a terrible reputation before they've even watched it, that Pearl needs gloves to handle it, and just the name fills Mike and the bots with dread before they even enter the theatre.

And the dread continues.  Rarely do you see them quite so terrified, quite so downtrodden, by a film.  Even Deep Hurting didn't have them starting out with terror and pain.

How to put this?

They always make fun of the movie, the contents therein, but rarely do that attack THE MOVIE, the thing, itself.  I know it's happened before, but never like this.  This took it to a whole new level.  They try and leave, they attack the director, and they outright call the movie on its crap and try not to vomit over it.  Does that make sense?

"If this is your God, you have a severe ontological crisis."

The movie is so terribly shot, edited, acted, and written.  And SO 80s.  And the characters are jokes, they must have known that while making the movie, they're so terribly caricatures of people.  All of this gives the guys an endless font of crap to riff on, making this another of my favourites.  I could have dropped in any number of random quotes, like I usually do with just one or two lines, but I decided to restrain myself, or I'd have quoted every riff.

I think a big reason why a lot of the Mike/Scifi era shows are faves of mine, is because I came to the show late, not even having access to satellite or cable regularly on my own until '96.  There was college, thankfully, and before that I'd catch a few here and there.  My first MST3K was Girls' Town, a Mike episode, and I saw the show regularly after '97, so it's pretty obvious in hindsight why I have more of a bias towards the later years.  It was more the era I'm familiar with, and the episodes I saw with friends.

Just some rambling randomness.


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