Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Porky's Revenge

Oh man.  I just watched an amazing movie.

We all know I love me some horror, and the cheesier the better.  I even have a site devoted to this stuff.

I usually stick with the older fare on Trisk, but I do, about once a month, or every other, pick up a new release that looks like it'll be fun.  Horror changed in 2000 or so, thanks to effects and the whole torture porn thing (And don't get me wrong, I love CGI and Saw.  But the face of horror changed, and not ALL for the better).  So when an 80s throwback appears...ahhh.

Oh, Porkchop.

You are brilliant and insane, and awesome.  I'm not getting into detail here, is so very 80s.  It even has a nerd with a homemade 80s robot.  It is gloriously cheesy and silly, and gory.  This is my fave find of 2011, I think.

I will be getting more in depth later, but just had to share.


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