Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Bonus!  Shorts!

So, the last disc on volume seven of the DVDs has a trio of shorts with Killer Shrew, and I decided to watch them off to the side before doing whatever I'm gonna do tomorrow.

So, call these an early holiday present.

Assignment Venezuela - A fun little short about a family moving to Venezuela so the husband can work for an oil company there.  Yes, you guessed it, more clearly paid for advertising.  These shorts really WERE the infomercials of their time, weren't they?  They had a great runner making fun of the narrator after he made a comment about how wide Lake Maracaibo was, then immediately took it back, that really stands out.

Century 21 Calling - More propaganda, this time from the phone company, and not the real estate people, strangely enough.  They show off a ton of 'future' advancements to the phone, and I love that almost NONE of that tech exists today.  And the stuff that does exist, like call waiting?  Completely baffles my mother on how to use them.  It was interesting that the most crazy stuff, like calling home to turn stuff on is JUST NOW coming into play in a serious way.  And, again amusingly enough, in the 21st century, to boot!

A Case of Spring Fever - I love this short.  LOVE.  I think any MST3K fan does.  It is a classic.  The whole 'noooo springs!' silliness of the short itself goes on for too long, and gets annoying and crazy.  Which is perfect for the guys to mock.  Also, the short was hilariously spoofed on the Simpsons with "no zinc!" if I remember right.

Each of these shorts was great, with Venezuela being the weakest, but still quite enjoyable.  I was going to skip them and just move on to the next set, but had some time to kill.  I'm glad I did, since there was some good laughs still to be had before Volume 7 got put back on the shelf.

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