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And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.

Ahh, how to distill over three years into one post.

Joe: A friend of mine, who has been manipulating a spineless worm to see how far he'll go.

Richard: The spineles worm. He's changed much since we first met him, mostly due to our actions. We won't get into everything he's done.

John: A good friend of mine for many years, who like me, has mostly sat on the sidelines and watch Joe work, and offered an ear to both sides.

Richard...Richard is a dumbass.

He knows Joe is using and manipulating him, yet still calls Joe his best friend. Like I said, long story.

The two have fallen into a petty fued, for the most part, over the last year or so, and Richard STILL does things for Joe.

Anyways, Richard has decided to try and pull me into his squabble. How? Oh, this is good...

He sent Joe's girlfriend a letter, basically saying Joe was gay. He then sent another letter to JOE, from himself, saying the first letter came from me.

This is a bad idea.

You DO NOT try and ruin MY name, and not expect a reprisal.

I value honour very much, and when you try and use me as a scapegoat, you will glimpse a side of me hardly anyone has ever seen.

I'm basically a person you don't wanna piss off.

Luckilly, John has the night off tomorrow. Someone needs a reminder that I'm not just a happy little elf with a witty rejoinder at the right moment. Someone needs a reminder that I have a very, very dark side to my nature that I keep under control. Someone needs a reminder that I am not particularly sane, and I own a sword.

(Music has moved on to Bloodletting now...)

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