Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Words to Live By

Ok, I like my comics to be wordy to a degree.  One of my fave comic writers IS Chris Claremont, after all.  I want something nice to *read* as well as look at good art. 

Too often comics go for the art, and the words get out of the way.  Which is fine, but I like something with more meat, that will take time...

All that being said?  The reboot of Superman?  Is WAY too wordy, and in all the wrong ways.  I've been skimming the first half of every issue since they restarted, as it just blabs on and on and on.

I touched on this briefly in my Collector Times writeup of the New 52 books this month, talking about how Clark's journalism is just awful in the first issue, and thankfully that went away fast.

If a new writer wasn't around the corner, the book would be gone.  But what I *do* read is good enough to keep me *ahem* reading.  For now.

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