Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 23 - Mr. B Natural's Lost Shorts

Bummer, not a full movie this week.  Probably just gonna hold off much commenting this time around.

Mr. B Natural - Oh, this is a classic.  It fueled so many jokes, had some nice callbacks, "It stinks!" and the unending uncomfortableness of the gang watching "Mr." B is unending hilarity.

X Marks the Spot - I love this short.  It is just SOOO over the top with it's message of safe driving by way of an It's the Wonderful Life type tale gone horribly wrong.  Good jokes, bizarre short.  Funny.  And I love Crow sitting in the theatre to the very end.

Hired! - An average short, with some good lines peppered here and there.  Mostly notable for being, like so many of the shorts, so unabashedly shameless with pushing a product or company in an otherwise ok story.

Design for Dreaming - "This is what happens when you go to a car show with Michael Crawford."  Another short I just love.  At least this one isn't trying to much to hide that it's basically a 20 minute commercial.  The all singing all the time gives them so much to work with, the jokes just keep coming, and are great.

Johnny at the Fair - Another average short, but I am thoroughly amused at the lesson here is, kids run away from your parents and have amazing adventures at the fair with strangers!

Are You Ready for Marriage? - Wasn't this a movie starring Mandy Moore?

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