Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 22 - Gunslinger

Ok, the first host segment in this episode involves them trying to inflate and explode a balloon on Tom Servo's head.  Did they know how sexual inflating Servo sounded when they were filming, or was that just a...happy accident?

And I am most amused at hearing for the first time (At least in my DVD re-viewing) the sound that would eventually become associated with Brain Guy's mental trickery.

But Gunslinger...  Oh, Roger Corman.  You make such cheesy movies.  And you make them so quickly, which does not help any.  This is their first western, and it's roughly about a woman who's husband is the sheriff and he gets randomly killed one night.  Until the new sheriff comes to Oracle, Rose fills the role in the interim, while trying to stop the person responsible.  While that person hires someone to kill the sheriff.  Who falls for Rose.  But still kills people.

I like to think of this movie as, "True Shit".

"I'll say this, Joel.  Roger Corman sure knows how to push my buttons."  He rather was the Shakespeare of his time, wasn't he?  His movies had serviceable plots, and various things for lots of people, but they ultimately fell on their collective faces.

The riffs aren't great, but there's some good stuff to be had, as usual.  The best stuff is actually the host segments, but inside the movie, they notice the wrong-opening door, and they have a field day with the guy's room actually being the hallway, based on that simple observation.  Not to mention the commentary on false fronts and how badly they were used to have people randomly appear where they shouldn't and couldn't.

Finally, Rose made one terrible sheriff.  By the time her replacement arrives, everyone in the town is dead.  How's that for a happy ending??

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