Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


So, it seems pretty clear that #SubCafe is whithering on the vine.  Unlike last time when I noticed this, I'm not going to shut the place down anytime soon.  As long as the Australians and Kiwis are coming around, and the occasional others, I'll keep the place open.  But I've long felt that #SubCafe is not lon for this world.  It's tough to bring in new people when the place is pretty much all nostalgia based.  Anyone is always welcome there, and I'm always there when I'm around, so come around and say hey if you want.

But I will continue to flog #Comicbooks.  A place to talk comics, and all things geek on the side, still has a place, I think.  People want to talk stuff about what they're into, what they're reading, watching, etc.  So there's still a place for #Comicbooks to do its thing.  Again, if I'm around, I'm there, but I think I'll make Saturday nights the official night to get anyone to come hang out.

I've still yet to see any good alternative to IRC for a lot of people to get together and chat, so I'll keep carrying the torch...

What can I say, I'm stubborn.  And I like chatting with people.  I just need the people to chat with. ;)

And I need to stop making "Come chat!" posts as I'm about to go away from the computer...

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