Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 19 - Time Chasers

Another big fave of mine, for a number of reasons.  #1 being, I'm from Vermont.  Nay, I am from Rutland.  And I heartily apologise on behalf of the entire area.  I recognise so many locations used to film this turkey.

I really like the casual chatting in the VW bus.  It's...almost character building.  Which is kinda weird for MST3K!  But it was a nice quiet moment, and it was a good change to see Pearl being...nice?  Ish?

In fact, a lot of the host segments here are great.  Playing off the movie's (crappy and nonsensical) time travel theme, Crow goes back to stop Mike from ending up on the Satellite of Love, and things go horribly wrong.  And the new host, Eddie, is hilarious.  So different to see Mike playing such a different character, and poor beaten down Servo.  Good stuff.

But anyways, the movie.  A teacher invents time travel, wires it up to a plane, shows it off to an evil conglomerate, and things go, again, horribly wrong.  And because they have no budget, the future apocalypse will NOT be televised, only spoken about and pointed at off camera.  Way to go!

Sadly, the Martin's they filmed at is LONG gone.  Not just the store chain, but also the building.  It's been mowed down and has been replaced by a Home Depot and a Big Lot, IIRC.  J.K. Robertson's school library, er, mezzanine, I mean, office is inside a place in Rutland called the Opera House, and used to house the offices for a local radio station.  I recognise a number of the other outside locations, but not the names of them.  Just some history.

"Great scenery!  ...crappy movie."  Yeah, that sums up Vermont.

Signing off from the smaller, whiter Wisconsin.
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