Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Surprised and Not


Earlier this evening, I popped back to the computer to check some stuff, and immediately I see the news that Steve Jobs has passed away.

He'd been battling pancreatic cancer for, what?  The last five or so years?  That we know of?  And he just recently stepped down as CEO of Apple, and phrased it in such a way that we pretty much all knew it was health reasons.

So, no surprise.

And yet...I don't think anyone saw it coming THIS fast.

I've never owned an Apple product outside of iTunes, I have issues with the company, but the man undeniably altered the face of computing and technology.  Many, many times over.  It's something to have done it once in a lifetime, but Jobs just didn't stop, for as long as he could.  So I have respect for the man, and his life, and the world of computers will never be the same without him.  Because it was never the same with him.


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