Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

State of the Chat

So, I'm sitting here, in my IRC rooms like I always am, every day, and thinking...

#SubCafe has slid back to its very quiet days of a few years back.  Pretty much the only people that wander in there anymore are the foreign crew; Staff and Dyce are the notable regulars.  southerndave wanders in frequently.  acetal and Obe make their occasional appearances...  That's about it.

#Comicbooks has the same amount of regulars, but they're more regular.  Again, Dave is there pretty steadily.  Then the rest of the group is made of of people who aren't on LJ or really known by anyone, so I won't list them off. ;)  But there's almost always SOMEone in there these days, at least when I'm around.

Of course, I post this when I am the only one in the barren lands.  Go figure.

Really wish I'd see more of you guys, either in the nostalgic Subreality Cafe, or coming to hang out with the new comics crew to bitch about what DC is doing. ;)  But hey, we're not just comics.  A few of us haven't read stuff in awhile, or are behind.  We're all things geek in #Comicbooks.  Frequent othr topics are Doctor Who, new tv, new movies, and I get in my frequent rumblings about bad horror movies as I screw up everyone's Amazon recommendations.

So hey!  Swing by some time!  Hang out!  Someone will be by eventually!

I'm off to eat in a bit, but I'll be back after some tv.

Point your IRC program of choice, or your all in one messenger program, or even your browser!  Almost everyone has easy access to IRC!  Come to DALnet, and /join #Comicbooks or #SubCafe.  Your Foenix demands it!


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