Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

MST3K Rewatch Week 17 - Boggy Creek 2

The rewatch continues!

So, "The Legend Continues" so much, that this is the SECOND Boggy Creek 2.  Go figure.  It's like Final Fantasy X-2.

You would think that a movie about the southern equivalent of Bigfoot, with poor shooting, plodding story, and silliness would be perfect for the gang, but no.  The first 35 minutes of this movie are sooo slow.  There is just not much for them to work with.  The riffing we get is good, but they're forced a lot to make cracks to just random scenes of stock footage or silence.  Not until the ridiculous shorts is there much for them to do, and even then...

Even the host segments aren't that great.  The bit with Bobo being a Boggy Creek type legend is fun, but just kinda there.  Overall, this is a weak episode, mostly because of the movie, not because of Mike, the bots, et al.  It's still watchable, with some good bits, but for the most part, this is a let down after four strong episodes.

"They're not shooting day for night.  It's more like 4:30 for 5."


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