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MST3K Rewatch Week 16 - Space Mutiny

Reb Brown!  Didn't know him then.  SO know him now.  And his scream is in full effect here.  I love Mike describing it as very womanly in the intro on the DVD.  And boy, do they have fun with that scream.  So iconic of Reb, half the reason he's ever hired I think, and it is all over this movie.

Ahhh, back to the Scifi era of plot-driven host segments.  Having these make no sense out of context, in the random order of the DVDs really flags up just why they were a poor idea.  Their existence, as well as other reasons, made me consider watching my collection in chronological order, but without the whole series, what's the point?  Maybe at a much later date.  Because these aren't enough torture for y'all as it is.

I do love idiot Brain Guy without his brain.  And "Bring Mike down!" is one of my fave bits of silliness. XD

Who is David Winters?  They rag on him a lot in the credits like he's a clear threat to their sanity, and after looking him up, I see no *major* reason they would want to run screaming for safety, so there's probably something about his reputation that has become lost to time.

With the sheer amount of reused BSG space footage, I have to commend the guys for NOT doing any Battlestar jokes.  And yet, it feels like a missed opportunity at the same time, you know?  But on the upside, we do get a funny space battle with the bots destroying some escape craft.  Much to Mike's chagrin.

"If the first ten minutes are any indication, this movie's gonna blow!"  Truer words, Htom.  Truer words...

This riffing has some of the best running gags ever.  Big McLargehuge and etc are some of the best lines ever, and they just get increasingly hilarious and bizarre.  There's also the bit with Sherry's birthday party that just won't go away, the endless railing kills.  So many runners that they never let die in this movie, it's just great.

Like any good MST3K fodder, the movie's plot is all over the place.  There's the Mutiny itself, such as it is.  The randomly dead scientist whose sole purpose is to drive apart then bring together the romantic leads..  Exploding ships for much the same reason.  Telepathic race of female priests?!  Golf cart chases!  The mutiny within the mutiny within the cluelessness.  The random pirate attack that goes nowhere.  And in the middle of all that, let's go dancing!!  What the hell, movie?

But you just have to love the worst blooper ever, that makes for the best reactions from the guys.  The dead crewmember who suddenly reappears at her workstation.  And it's not a little thing, either.  Not just in the background like Leonard Nimoy casually relaxing in the background and accidentally caught on camera on classic Trek.  This is right, in your face, slow pan, front and foreground.  SO badly done.  Just wow.

This is getting long, but every time I see this movie, I want to know...where does everyone come from?  This is a colony ship, endlessly seeking a planet, in fact the lack of landing is the main point of the mutiny, and they keep encountering other people running around space.  So where do they come from!

I've not said anything specifically about the DVDs, but as I finish Space Mutiny, I look back at this pack, Volume 4 of the sets, and the movies inside itl, Girl in Gold Boots, Hamlet, Overdrawn, and this...this is probably one of my top collections, out of the 20+ that have come out.  If you are a MST3K fan, or you want to try the show, this is the set that, IMO, you MUST own.  Hamlet is probably the one panned by the most people, but I think it's a solid mocking of a classic and definitely something different for them to do, so worth checking out on that basis alone.  Seriously, you cannot go wrong with this, if you can find it.

"And our brave hero roasts the disabled man."
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