Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Television of Interest

Sooo, since it's a show from J.J. Abrams, it's probably no surprise that I decided to check out Person of Interest.  Let's see what I thought, shall we?

First, that beard they stuck on Jim Caviezel was incredibly dodgy, wasn't it?

Generally, I like the show.  It's an interesting twist on the typical procedural, a little more proactive...  I hope things get a little more weird and out there to keep things interesting, otherwise the formula could end up blah pretty quick.  I hope for some good, strong mythology here.

I was a little concerned about magically knowing something was going to happen to someone, but not knowing if they'd be the victim, or the perpetrator.  They did eventually get around to explaining that...well enough.  I can live with the whys and hows behind it for now.  It's maybe a bit too plot convenient that they only have enough information to know to do SOMEthing, but not much more.  A minor quibble.

Especially with the two leads.  Caviezel is good, and Michael Emerson is always watchable, as much a draw for me to watch this as to see what else fell out of Abrams' brain.

I'm with the show for the time being.  Especially since they mocked one of my least favourite things in movies/tv, the idiot holding his gun sideways because it looks cool.  You do that, you've got a friend in me!


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